Europe Vacation
March 2023
Bruges, Belgium
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Bruges is a fairy-tale medieval town with cobblestone roads, picturesque canals, and horse-drawn carriages.  It is often referred to the "Venice of the North." The scene above is Minnewater or Lake of Love. The images below are The Church of Our Lady.
The Church of Our Lady is a magnificent medieval church which was constructed over a period of at least two hundred years, starting in the 13th century. At a height of 122.3m (just over 400 feet) it includes the second tallest brickwork tower in the world. The most famous element is the white marble sculpture of the Madonna and Child created by Michelangelo in approximately 1504. It is one of just a handful of Michelangelo’s sculptures to be found outside Italy.
Madonna and Child by Michelangelo
The Bridges and Canals of Bruges